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Inspection management is a process that includes many other activities. So when we research software solutions for inspections, we must keep track of many other functionalities aside from inspection execution itself. It’s correct to say that the talking about inspection software is actually a talk about a platform that provides in one place the following:

  • Full information about recent and on-going inspections
  • All the customers data (in this regard the inspection software has a crm-like function)
  • Inspection scheduling tool
  • Information about inspection sites
  • Inspector’s data (skill set, location, etc.)
  • Inspection related documents and media
  • Options for interaction and communication between cases, inspectors, employees, etc.
  • Inspection reporting

If we have to make a simple and short operations checklist of what we need to look for when we look for inspection management platforms, it will be: case management, inspection scheduling, inspection execution and self-service operations.

Maintaining all of these levels in the inspection management process is expensive and time consuming. And since the responsibility of regulatory compliance is big, there is no place for compromises. However, there is a lot of room for optimization of the whole inspection model. Especially when we talk about transitioning from manual to digitally automated inspection management.

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You can read in details how the time optimization can reduces the cost of inspections in our dedicated article about the reasons why government agencies need inspection software. But the end user’s perspective is no less important than the regulator’s. The longer-term benefit of using inspection software is mostly connected with the customers (the citizens). The reducing of operational time for inspecting gives organizations more time to focus on the engagement with their customers. And this is a great opportunity for driving more public trust. Because customers will always like the fast and efficient service. Nonetheless they will always appreciate transparency. And one of the sure ways for this kind of trust to be gained is when inspections are done digitally.

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