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Regulatory Renaissance: Tech Trends Redefining Public Sector Services in 2024

Introduction In 2024, the landscape of digital public services is undergoing a transformative shift driven by technological advancements that promise to enhance efficiency, accessibility, and citizen engagement. As public sector regulators increasingly rely on digital solutions for regulatory case management, three prominent technological trends are poised to redefine how these services operate: Artificial Intelligence (AI), […]

Future-Proofing Government Operations with Scalable Case Management Solutions 

In an era of rapid technological advancements, government agencies are navigating rapidly evolving complexities of modernisation to meet the needs of citizens. A vital component of keeping up with the complexities is the adoption of scalable case management solutions. As a leader in empowering government operations for the digital age, Canalix has distilled key insights […]

The Importance of Contextuality in Effective Regulatory Oversight

The Importance of Contextuality in Regulatory Oversight Regulatory oversight involves managing vast information, including inspection reports, compliance records, and enforcement actions. With the increasing complexity of regulatory requirements and the diverse range of stakeholders involved, regulatory agencies need a flexible and efficient inspection management software that can adapt to the specific needs of each context. […]

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Common Mistakes in Selecting Inspection Management Software: A Guide for Regulators

Regulators in Europe are increasingly adopting inspection management systems to help automate and streamline their inspection processes. Such systems have become more widespread in recent years, driven by a range of factors, including increasing regulatory complexity, rising public expectations, and technological advances. The adoption of inspection management solutions varies across Europe, with some countries and […]

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Is it time to adopt an automated workflow within your inspection management system?

The time to consider adding automated inspection workflow within a legacy case management system is when an organisation is experiencing inefficiencies and delays in their inspection management processes. Several signs can indicate it’s time to consider adding automated workflow for inspections within a legacy case management inefficiencies, such as: Time-consuming manual processes – If your […]

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From Manual to Marvelous: Transforming Legacy Case Management with Automation

The use of automation and technology has been increasing in the public sector, including government agencies, in recent years. The adoption of automation, including automated workflows, has been driven by the need to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and provide better services to the public. Many government agencies in Europe use automated workflows implemented within their […]

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3 pain points of modernising legacy IT system in government agency

Modernising legacy IT systems in a government agency can be challenging. Sometimes it becomes more challenging than initially expected. When our case management experts get asked about their experience with modernising legacy IT systems in the public sector, they admit that sometimes things are more complicated compared to projects in the private sector. In this […]


Case Management for the Public Sector: The Benefits of an Off-the-Shelf System

What’s the trend in case management adoption among public sector organisations? Public sector case management systems are designed to help organisations manage and organise their processes. The trend in this field is toward more configurable systems, as they are more flexible and easier to adapt to changing business needs. More specifically, with high-configuration case management […]


Government Case Management Software & Innovation – how to write a good RFP?

When writing an RFP for inspection management software, it is important to clearly outline your organisation’s specific needs and goals for the software, as well as any specific requirements or features. To make your system future-proof, you should include an innovation section outlining your organisation’s interest in cutting-edge technology or new approaches to inspection services. […]

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Improving resource efficiency in regulatory inspections: Ultimate Guide for 2023

Resource optimisation in inspections is essential because it helps ensure that limited resources, such as funding and personnel, are used effectively and efficiently. There are several reasons why regulators should have a resource optimisation strategy in 2023: Budget constraints: Many regulators face budget constraints and are under pressure to do more with less. A resource […]