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6 reasons why regulators need field resource scheduling tool for on-site inspections

The use of resource scheduling software helps regulatory agencies in the process of planning, managing and allocating resources in a way that follows the optimisation goals of the agency. An inspection team leader can do effective inspection tracking and aid his decision making to keep the agency’s operational costs below a certain level. The use […]

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How to find resource management tool for regulatory inspections?

The smart use of resources is a crucial part of effective regulatory inspection management. If human resources such as inspectors are scarce, and the number of inspection requests progressively grows, the regulatory function of any agency would suffer. How do we solve the human resource scarcity in regulatory inspections? The most obvious answer would be […]

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Resource optimisation and regulators – the lessons learned from the private sector

The smart use of resources is crucial for the economic growth of one of the most successful products in the United States. Uber, Airbnb, etc. are just some of the examples of  innovative products that employ technology to optimise the allocation of existing resources under a set of constraints. The entrepreneurial spirit of that kind […]

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Inspection optimisation with resource constraints – is it a risky digital transformation project?

The past 15 months were full of transformation milestones for regulators and inspection teams in big organisations. However, the next 5, 10 and 15 months are not going to be any less different in terms of reaching new milestones, because the economic sectors stood still and now started reopening again.  What does returning to normal […]


Where do remote inspections and resource allocation optimisation intersect?

One of the major shifts in inspection management that happened in the past 15 months was the mass adoption of the remote inspections model. The remote inspection management allowed regulators to efficiently comply with travel restrictions and pandemic safety regulations. It also enabled them to apply successful resource allocation optimisation. What did regulators found in […]

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Route Optimisation: The benefits of reducing travel time between jobs

Travel time optimisation is one of the most crucial steps to keeping operational costs under control while expanding their scope with the same volume of resources. It usually starts with applying a route optimisation solution with the goal to find the perfect work optimisation formula. Route planning for complex schedules with hundred of resources assigned […]

Implementing resource scheduling optimisation into inspection workflow

No matter how much comfort and productivity technology brings to the world of business, wasteful activities like travelling, misalignment of resource scheduling and delays in resolving customer issues can lead to colossal losses. This rings especially true to public sector regulators that have to send inspectors to complete inspection workflow. The answer to minimising wasteful […]


How resource optimisation improves task management in field inspections?

The global pandemic brought companies’ focus back on cost efficiency and resource optimisation. But in the process of chasing these objectives, organisations have to keep the customer experience undisrupted. To do that, they must be aware of the risks on the road to achieving cost efficiency. Achieving the balance The benefits of cost-efficiency would always […]

Automating the workflow of vehicle inspections

When we talk about digitalising vehicle inspections, the conversation inevitably goes through mentioning a list with benefits. Today there are many SaaS inspection solutions and mobile apps that are digitalising the vehicle inspection process. These tools are great for identifying issues, making reports, mitigating risks, making inspections more mobile, improving compliance and managing the inspection schedules more efficiently.