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The essential KPIs for inspection management software

For inspection team leaders in regulatory agencies is essential to track the KPIs of inspection performance. Those are the metrics that allow managers to track the performance of inspection teams and check whether the pre-defined objectives are met. Inspection KPIs are the indicators that define the success of operations in the inspection process. By tracking […]


5 Inspection Software Features That Help Regulators Cut Costs in 2021

The adoption of cost-effective inspection models is more relevant than ever for regulators  and will keep it’s rising trend in 2022 as well. We’re often being asked about different cost-reduction strategies by public sector regulators. That’s why we decided to publish our most given recommendations on what should be expected by inspection management software in […]


Digital inspection platforms: Why some customers are achieving larger ROI than others?

When we speak of ROI (return-of-investment) in digital transformation of inspection process, the KPIs  are mainly in terms of efficiency and improved connectivity in inspection teams. That’s so because a digital inspection platform can automate many manual inspection tasks and regulators can benefit from improving their operational efficiency and their safety compliance standards.  Even though […]


From paper-based inspection systems to paperless inspection software

In 2021 the use of paper-based processes is perceived as something old-fashioned. However, in conservative structures like government agencies, paper-based processes are still a thing. Countries with well-developed digital government strategies are good examples in terms of leaving the paper behind. Their experience is proof the digitalisation makes things work better than before – reduces […]


6 reasons why regulators need field resource scheduling tool for on-site inspections

The use of resource scheduling software helps regulatory agencies in the process of planning, managing and allocating resources in a way that follows the optimisation goals of the agency. An inspection team leader can do effective inspection tracking and aid his decision making to keep the agency’s operational costs below a certain level. The use […]

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How to find resource management tool for regulatory inspections?

The smart use of resources is a crucial part of effective regulatory inspection management. If human resources such as inspectors are scarce, and the number of inspection requests progressively grows, the regulatory function of any agency would suffer. How do we solve the human resource scarcity in regulatory inspections? The most obvious answer would be […]