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Automating the workflow of vehicle inspections

When we talk about digitalising vehicle inspections, the conversation inevitably goes through mentioning a list with benefits. Today there are many SaaS inspection solutions and mobile apps that are digitalising the vehicle inspection process. These tools are great for identifying issues, making reports, mitigating risks, making inspections more mobile, improving compliance and managing the inspection schedules more efficiently.

The Berlin Declaration: Key Takeaways for Digital Government CIO

What guides the expanding digital government societies in Europe? With the accelerated adoption of digital transformation in the public sector, there comes the need to define the values of digitalisation for the future. This was the main purpose of The Berlin Declaration that was signed by the EU Member States. What are the values of […]

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Approaching Best Practices in Risk Based Inspection Management

What does risk based inspections means? It’s a regulatory enforcement activity that is performed with focus on importance and urgency of intervention against a set of risk criteria. In other words risk-based inspection management is prioritizing cases that are imposing high risk on safety. The priority is being defined on risk factors.  Depending on the […]


Insurance Loss Control Inspections – How To Optimise Risk Assessment?

Insurance carriers spend hundreds of millions on inspection programs each year. However, researches report that 75% of insurance loss control inspections bring no actionable information to optimise losses. These numbers point that something is being handled wrong in the inspection management process. This is why inspection carriers are looking for inspection optimization strategies that can […]

How Route Optimization Reduces The Cost of Regulatory Inspections?

Route optimization sounds like a thing that you’d expect Google Maps to do for you. But in the work environment of regulatory enforcement and inspection management, inspectors would think otherwise. Let’s take for example the job of inspector who does construction site inspections every day. Every inspection site includes a list with areas that must […]