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What makes inspection scheduling difficult, and how to solve it?

To digitise and optimise the inspection scheduling process in regulatory operations is complex. Each inspection requires a unique inspector with specific skills, qualifications and specialism. On the other hand, that requires particular instructions, data capture and associated workflow. Using just a digital inspection checklist is not enough for regulators to have real-time visibility of where […]


How to transform on-site inspections into self-inspections?

Governments lean heavily on regulators to ensure public safety, but also to optimise operational costs in times of uncertainty. As a result of travel restrictions throughout the global pandemic, some regulators started embracing self-inspection programs. Regulators that operated with self-inspection software were able to continue inspecting even when there were strict travel restrictions. Since self-inspections […]

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How do self-inspections improve the regulatory environment in 2022?

In 2022 regulators have to deal with uncertainties more than ever – global pandemics, budget cuts, and resource shortages. Flexibility is the key to overcoming the increasing uncertainties. Many regulators are adopting self-inspections within their inspection programs and policies as a tool to employ flexibility in their battle with uncertainties. What are regulatory self-inspections? A […]


5 Benefits Of Using Digital Inspection Software In 2022

The global pandemic raised many questions about which sectors of the economy are essential and non-essential. It made people reevaluate the importance of some industries over others. As a result, governments finally started addressing the need for digital transformation in overlooked areas such as inspections. CASE STUDY: How a regulatory agency cut costs with resource […]

Make inspections risk-informed with risk based inspection software

The effective management of the ever-evolving risks during inspecting is vital for the safety and efficiency of regulatory inspections. Having a risk-based inspection program is one of the keys for regulators to achieve and maintain optimal inspection performance.  Risk-based inspections are inspection management procedures with risk assessment focused on risk factors that determine what kind […]

How to approach a KPI-based inspection optimisation program?

As a result of the recent events, regulators are looking more at the costs of regulatory inspections and for ways to optimise them. There are two major approaches for regulators that aim to achieve that: The two approaches are both serving inspection optimisation purposes but differently. By focusing on the reducing inspection costs (Approach #1), […]

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How to reduce rework and downtime for costly resources in inspection management?

For regulatory agencies, the investment in highly qualified inspectors is perhaps the most valuable. However, this investment may lose some of its value if there are scheduling issues. That’s why many regulators choose to invest also in good inspection software as a solution to optimise operational costs and cut spending caused by frequent rework or […]

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How your government agency can reduce costs in 2022?

One of the public sector’s biggest struggles today is transforming services and freeing themselves of legacy systems and workflows. Are they winning this battle? And how do they do it? The digital transformation vision Government agencies, local government administrations, and other public organisations are bearing big weight when it comes to digital transformation. They have […]