Every research about business optimization eventually goes through business process management and case management. And inevitably there comes the questions: What is case management? What is BPM? How the one is different than the other? We’ll answer to all of this questions below. Let’s start with:

Are BPM and Case Management the same things?

Business process management and case management are two software solutions with the same goal: business optimization. This is the common ground between them. But this common ground also creates big confusion because it makes people think of BMP and Case management as the same thing. The truth is that even though they are sharing the same goal, the two solutions differ in the approach they offer. So let’s look at each one of them separately.

What is Business Process Management?

If we take any kind of organization – small business, big enterprise, NGO or local government, we can describe the workflow processes in their structures as BPM. Every process is related with certain individual. For example in one big office the work process of the office manager is to keep track of the office supplies. There are certain steps that the individual must take to finish this process on a weekly basis. BPM streamlines processes like this and is implementing new and more optimized ways for their execution. It mostly happens through data automation.

Now if we take for example all the possible functions individuals can have in one big office, we will have hundreds of workflow processes to look through. What you should remember as the most distinctive description of BPM is that it acquires mainly processes that are consistent and easy to predict. This makes the Business Process Management a perfect optimization solutions for general use.

What is Case Management?

Case Management is focused on more complex processes that together build a case. If we have a clear workflow structure in BPM, in cases structure is not so clear and the outcome of processes is not easy to predict. That’s why we need a different approach in optimizing the work with cases. And this is where the case management software comes in hand.

What’s the difference between BPM and Case Management Software?

If we imagine that the BPM software makes an optimal route for completing a work process, then the map will be looking like that:

  •  Start from point A, then go through points B and C and finish in point D. Fast, clear and simple where every step of the process can be predicted. This mapping fits great with the example of the processes in one big office.

But if we need a map for the most optimal way of completing a case, then the map will be like that:

  • Start from point A, but at points B and C there will be other people, processes and probably cases involved. Depending on the decisions that will be taken at these steps, the course of action may be changed. The course may lead to new points D and E before finishing the processes. It all depends on the human judgement that will be made. Such complex processes usually happen in big and complex organizations like: Planning Inspectorate, Care Commission, Local Government, Financial Compliance companies, Insurance companies and regulators.

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By looking at these two examples, we can conclude that the greatest difference between business process and case management is the complexity. A good BPM solution will use data automation to optimize work process. But if we have to optimize the work with cases, then data automation won’t be enough. This is where technologies like AI come in hand and solve complex problems that often require human judgement.

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Case management vs BPM in opposition is a really great way to understand the specifics of each solution. But what if our organization needs to optimize both: structured and predictable processes but also dynamic and more complex cases? The good news is that there are platforms that are flexible in this regard. It means that they can be utilized for BPM, but also for solving complex problems involving cases.

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