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The ongoing world health crisis raised many questions about which sectors of the economy are essential and which are non-essential. It made people reevaluate the importance of some industries over others. As a result governments finally started addressing the need of digital transformation in overlooked areas such as inspections.

Inspection management is taking a significant percentage of the annual spend of government agencies. At the same time it’s a process that is crucial to keeping the public’s health and safety. That’s why we’re already witnessing a rising demand in inspection management solutions. So here comes the burning question: what problems are being solved with such tools? What are the benefits that inspection management platforms bring to the regulatory agencies?

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1. Less Manual Work

The daily inspection management process meets a lot of challenges . These challenges has their own reflection on reducing the efficiency in the regulators’ offices. A good digital transformation solutions can optimise the entire end-to-end inspection process by providing digital infrastructure for its execution. Canalix is adding in the digital mix data automation and AI optimisation as tools for improving efficiency. These technologies ensure more optimised delivery of the regulatory  inspections. In other words it means less manual work and more automated tasks.

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2. Faster Inspection Execution

The data-driven automation in inspections brings whole pie of benefits on its own. One of these benefits is the speeding up of operations. By using digital infrastructure for inspection planning, scheduling, execution and reporting, everything happens faster. The real-time electronic interaction between different cases and involved parties drives action for seconds. Without using an inspection software, these interactions could take from days to weeks because of the complexity of case management. But with proper inspection software, this time period can be reduced to just a few clicks of the mouse.

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3. Improved Compliance With New Regulations

Regulations are constantly being updated. Sometimes changes in regulations may cause time-consuming restructuring of the inspection management process. A good digital inspection platform can adopt new compliance rules for seconds and then apply them in the whole work process. The automation is saving hundreds of hours of manual implementation that is always accompanied by human errors.  The use of inspection software can optimise the transition between new regulations and their implementation and basically eliminate the possible mistakes.

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4. Transparency and Public Trust

A cloud-based regulatory compliance platform can ensure real-time access to inspection reports. This allows a faster delivery of the inspection results to the interested parties. On the one hand it improves transparency, and on the other hand this helps maintaining the public trust. Especially when we talk about government agencies and their work.

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5. Remote Access To Inspection Services

In challenging times of social distance the use of digital platform for inspections has a big role in maintaining this process alive.  It means that regulatory enforcement activity in risky places like social care institutions should be transformed with compliance with the social distance rules. This is where self-inspection and self-service portals can help regulators do their work and be compliant to the the social distance rules of the new normal.

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There are many levels in the structure of inspection management process. A good software will support every level of it. Canalix is designed to meet the needs of companies that are focused inspection driven regulatory enforcement If you’re looking for a specific business optimisation solution that addresses the needs of inspection process, contact us now.

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