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When we speak of ROI (return-of-investment) in digital transformation of inspection process, the KPIs  are mainly in terms of efficiency and improved connectivity in inspection teams. That’s so because a digital inspection platform can automate many manual inspection tasks and regulators can benefit from improving their operational efficiency and their safety compliance standards. 

Even though many of the customers of our digital inspection platform Canalix start using it driven by the urge to switch to a paperless inspection management system, they end up with more benefits than simply removing paper. As a result they report improvement of more performance indicators than initially expected:

  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Inspection tracking and performance overview by location and inspector as a tool to apply targeted improvement of safety standards
  • Reduced travel time between inspection jobs
  • Saving time and money on inspection jobs.

But some agencies achieve a larger ROI than others. So let’s get to the obvious question.

How can regulators achieve a larger ROI from using a digital inspection platform?

Canalix is an inspection platform and as such, we ran a customer survey with our customers on the effects they observed since they transformed their inspection services with us. The most popular insights from our customer survey indicate: inspection scheduling is done faster than before with up to 75% improvements, efficiency is improved by up to 40% and inspection allocation errors are entirely removed due to the AI-enhanced inspection allocation software.


Resource optimization and business scheduling software

          • reducing the scheduling time with up to 75%
          • increasing efficiency of operations with 40%
          • fully eliminating errors in the resource allocation process.
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How digital inspection platforms are transforming regulatory inspection? 

These inspection optimisation highlights are important for every regulatory agency with inspection driven processes. But what exactly stands behind them? Our customer survey indicates that the use of a cloud-based document management system, digital inspection checklists, uploading photos directly into inspection reports eases communication within inspection teams. The data that Canalix compiles for team leaders, allows them see the big picture view with an easy-to-use interface. This on the other hand gives them the power to make informed decisions on time and predict potential problems that may require more regulatory attention in the future. The ultimate goal: improving the safety standards of the agency and target the time of inspectors to the tasks that matter the most.

These findings from our customer surveys are highlighting the large ROI result examples that digital inspection platforms bring to regulatory inspections.

Why some regulators are struggling with achieving large ROI results in terms of inspection optimisation?

“The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.” – Bill Gates

Some customers are digitising their inspection case management with the sole purpose of ditching the paper and be in line with the modern age. But having a digitised inspection case management system is like a stepping stone towards more changes in the inspection process.

For example: the digitised case management data can be seeded into an AI engine and be automatically scored by complexity and risk level. This automated processing enables regulators to allocate their inspector’s time on the cases that matter the most. Depending on the inspection procedures within the regulator,  low complexity cases may be automatically assigned to self-inspection procedures or just get a low priority tag.

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This example is just an illustration to the axiom that a small step in digitising inspections has the potential to evolve into innovative inspection allocation practice that turns the whole process into more optimal version of itself. This is just an example of why some customers are achieving larger ROIs than others. The adoption of a digital inspection platform should be thought of as an opportunity to reimagine the existing processes, not only as a tool to remove the paper or to digitise checklists.

If we come back to Bill Gates’s words that we quoted above, we’ll conclude that the more we rethink and reimagine the existing inspection processes through the prism of  inspection platform, the larger will be the impact of the transformation. So if we have to define one major difference between the customers with large ROI outcomes and customers with small ROI outcomes, it would be the lack of vision for the latter. Defining a clear digital transformation vision requires time and energy. That’s why Canalix as an inspection management platform always consults future customers about the vision for their future. Do you want to join our list of customers with large ROI results from the use of inspection software? Contact us for a free demo here.