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The use of a proper inspection tracking software is crucial for the ability of regulators to solve problems on and off site. This ability can be negatively affected by incorrect data, missed actions during an inspection, etc. The use of a standalone inspection tracking tool along with other tools may not work well enough. Or the regulator may not be using an inspection tracking tool at all. Whatever the reason, there is a solution that solves the problems with tracking issues and risks in regulatory inspections.

Collaboration in inspection teams

Collaboration is the key to making inspections happen faster. The corrective nature of inspections requires special attention to the collaborative features an inspection software must provide to regulators. Our clients from the regulatory sector report that the use of collaboration via inspection management platform reduces the time needed to complete actions during inspections. This enables inspection teams to move on to the next tasks in their to-do list faster than before.

Resource optimization and business scheduling software

          • reducing the scheduling time with up to 75%
          • increasing efficiency of operations with 40%
          • fully eliminating errors in the resource allocation process.
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How inspection teams’ collaboration is enabled on inspection platforms?

The use of digital document management system plays a crucial role for collaboration. To deliver this kind of usability, Canalix enables inspection teams to connect and share documents in real-time so that other members of the inspection team can see relevant data when they need it. This document management function helps inspection teams not only in terms of collaboration but also for:

  • Communication

When an inspection system operates digitally, it’s easy to make updates on communication with inspection teams automatically in real-time. Our clients share that they appreciate highly the clear channel of communication that Canalix provided for them. 

  • Inspection tracking

With a digital inspection management system like Canalix is far easier to monitor and track the high-risk cases and their potential risks. First, because the digital format allows inspection teams to monitor inspections over time with just a few clicks. They don’t have to dig in a pile of paper. Monitoring and tracking risks with a historical perspective enables inspection teams with more information on how to handle potential risks and therefore improve safety.

inspection management analytics software

  • Automated inspection reports with easy sharing

It’s cool to have a machine that automatically generates inspection reports based on inspection data. But it’s even cooler to be able to share the important data with clients, inspectors, administrators or other authorised personnel. Depending on the information access of different groups, the reports can be easily modified to include only tailored information for their level of access.

Real-time data is at the heart of collaboration, but how does it improve inspections?

When our inspections are done faster, safety is ensured more efficiently. It’s all due to a variety of factors. But convenient inspection tracking and monitoring, digital collaboration and real-time data are among the most important ones. 

When these functionalities are accessible on an inspection platform in the cloud, on a variety of devices, inspection teams can reach their efficiency potential. Canalix is an inspection platform that delivers this model to regulatory inspection teams. Request a free product tour here.

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