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The adoption of cost-effective inspection models is more relevant than ever for regulators  and will keep it’s rising trend in 2022 as well. We’re often being asked about different cost-reduction strategies by public sector regulators. That’s why we decided to publish our most given recommendations on what should be expected by inspection management software in terms of cost optimisation expectations.

What is inspection management software?

Many valid inspection software definitions may be found online. But what Canalix is defined as for our customers is: 

Inspection platform that serves as both: inspection automation and inspection optimisation tool that improves the inspection process. From making the completion of tasks faster to making more efficient inspection schedules that ensure smarter management and less expensive operations.

This definition of Canalix as an inspection platform works good for regulators with on-site and remote inspection programs. Also, it helps them to evolve and embrace new remote models like self-inspections for low complexity inspection requests. The user-friendly interface and cloud-based nature are facilitating the adoption of Canalix as a cost-reduction solution to regulators.


Resource optimization and business scheduling software

          • reducing the scheduling time with up to 75%
          • increasing efficiency of operations with 40%
          • fully eliminating errors in the resource allocation process.
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Which areas in the inspection process endure the most major optimisation with Canalix?

  • Connectivity
    All of the participants in an inspection have access to the inspection platform where they can communicate and find the latest and greatest attached to each task.
  • Inspection scheduling
    Inspection schedules are made for seconds with the most optimal resource allocation. In case the schedule endures a last-minute change, all of the resources are being reshuffled automatically to fit the most optimal planning.
  • Decision-making
    Having all of the inspection data in one place gives valuable insights for decision-making. Important decisions can be taken faster.
  • Costs
    The employing of various inspection optimisation solutions in one platform ensures many opportunities for cost reductions. It pretty much delivers optimisation of everything connected with the finances in a regulatory organisation.

There are various areas in which an inspection software can change things for the better. But of course, there are also a variety of inspection models across different regulatory sectors that have their own specifics. That’s why it depends on the context how much of the potential of an inspection platform like Canalix can be employed to achieve maximum positive outcome.

A ready to use inspection platform is great news for regulators making their first digital transformation step. But it must go together with a degree of customisation to achieve the desired level of efficiency. That’s why Canalix provides inspection software with expert help in configuring the solution specifically for the customer. Looking for such kind of expert help should be affirmed as a general recommendation when we talk about adopting new inspection management technology.

How Canalix transforms the world of regulatory inspections?

The inspection software features that make the difference

Inspection Tracking 

With the inspection tracking software feature is easier to monitor and track the high-risk cases and their potential risks. First, because the digital format allows inspection teams to monitor inspections over time with just a few clicks. They don’t have to dig in a pile of paper. Monitoring risks with a historical perspective in mind provides inspection teams with more information they can use for decision-making.

Real-Time Data

When inspections are done faster, safety can be ensured more efficiently. It’s all due to a variety of factors. But the collecting of real-time data is one the most important ones. With real-time data on one platform accessible by decision-makers and other regulatory enforcement actors, inspection models can be easily transformed to fit better the cost reduction goals for regulators.

AI-enhanced inspection scheduling

Digital inspection platform like Canalix is like case management software, inspection scheduling software and resource allocation software working together on the same platform. Regulators don’t have to use three different solutions that don’t work well together. They can have a working platform that eliminates the waste of time – such as entering data twice to two different digital platforms. That’s great news for achieving effective inspection scheduling and disruption-free inspection planning.

Mobile / remote inspection capability

The mobile capabilities of Canalix enable inspectors to use their mobile devices while performing digital inspections to capture photos, videos and attach them to the inspection file in the cloud. With inspection software in the cloud, inspectors can upload additional files while being on-site. If they have to go back to the office to update their inspection file later, the efficiency may suffer. Enabling inspectors to provide additional context while making inspections gives inspection teams the power to react to critical inspection-related data on time. 

Inspection otpimisation with improved inspection route planning

Making an inspection schedule where inspectors spend minimum time travelling between inspection jobs is hard. But with the the AI engine Canalix helps inspection teams to reduce their time spend on travelling. That enables the inspector to focus better on inspecting and spend less time travelling. This is a way for regulators to achieve a new level of cost reduction and reduce their carbon footprint. 

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How Canalix can help you if you’re a regulator?

The inspection digitalisation experts of Canalix have vast experience in serving regulators by delivering custom inspection software solutions. We can optimise the inspection workflow of regulatory inspections with attention to details. Request a free 15-min product tour here and start your cost optimisation now

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