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It’s no secret that technology is changing businesses through optimisation everyday. Regulatory enforcement is undergoing its digital change as well. However, when searching for inspection software or any other kind of optimisation software for regulatory enforcement on the internet, chances that you’ll find a universal solution are big. But when we search for specific and targeted platform that is build to serve the purpose of optimisation for regulatory bodies, it gets tricky to find relevant results.

Inspections are one of the most important ways to enforce regulations and to ensure regulatory compliance. The process of inspecting means to examine and assess something. When we talk about regulatory bodies, the inspection management is a serious part of their work. As there are many business optimisation solutions for a variety of businesses, there are business optimisation solutions for regulators as well. The inspection software is such.


When we describe the benefits of using business optimisation software, it usually comes down to the benefit of two entities – the business and the client. But when the optimisation solution involves public agencies that enforce regulations, the benefit is not only for the regulator and the subject of inspections, but also the community. Since public agencies operate with the money of the taxpayers, the constant optimisation of their spending should be priority. One of the ways to achieve this is by using business optimisation platform.

The capacity of benefits for the different inspection tools varies. But based on the consumer data we have in Canalix, we can outline these advantages:

  • up to 75% of submissions can be processed automatically​ and up to 60% reduction in process time​
  • up to 50% reduction in inspection report writing time​
  • up to 40% reduction in total travelled distance​
  • Planning of inspectors reduced from days to seconds​
  • No wasted time by wrongly skilled inspectors send on-site​

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We will explore in depths each side of the benefits for the regulators and the community in our blog. If you want to see for yourself how a regulatory enforcement and inspection optimisation product like Canalix works, contact us now.

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