Canalix Inspection software

How do you know what inspection optimisation software your organisation needs? If we separate all of the available platforms for regulatory inspection automation, we will get to two general types of software: industry specific and all-purpose software.

The industry-specific business optimisation software is created for the needs of specific industries. For example Canalix is designed to optimise the inspection regime of public sector organisations. The product itself support entire end-to-end process of registration of service providers or entities underlying a regulation, planning, scheduling and performing of inspections, ongoing enforcement and management of complaints. It is a specific solution that answers to specific needs.

On the other hand, the all-purpose platforms provide their clients with general options for business optimisation. For some companies optimisation means to automate their work processes, for other companies it means to personalize their marketing. This kind of general solutions are designed for businesses that have broad target.

Why we need an industry specific inspection software?

Every product that offers efficiency solutions promises list of benefits to the potential clients. But if we want to experience the effect of these benefits, we need to be able to assess how much the product is suitable for our industry. For example if we want to optimise the inspection regime of regulatory bodies, we need to think not only of inspection execution, but also of other functionality pillars like inspection scheduling, case management and self-service.

A private B2C company with broad target of users may not need all of these functionalities. But public organisation that enforces regulation will need every bit of functionality hat involves these four pillars.

The comparing between industry specific solutions and all-purpose platforms could go on and on. In summary it will always come down to this: specific needs require specific software. The challenge is to identify these needs and to translate them into relevant requirements. Once you have clear picture of what the regulatory enforcement of your organisation requires, you would be able to make informed decision about what’s the best inspection software solution for your needs.

You can start informing yourself on the subject right away. Read more about what’s at the heart of inspection opitmization software.