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No matter how much comfort and productivity technology brings to the world of business, wasteful activities like traveling, misalignment of resource scheduling, and delays in resolving customer issues can lead to colossal losses. That rings especially true to public sector regulators that have to send inspectors to complete the inspection workflow. Minimising wasteful activities consistently leads to finding the proper resource scheduling optimisation technique. Let’s dig into how RSO solutions can be implemented into inspection management processes (or other field services) and how organisations can benefit.

Most of our clients who perform inspections say that resource scheduling has been a very time-consuming process for them. Many mistakes are happening in the process of scheduling, and therefore it’s hard for them to predict and measure the performance of their inspection teams. Their burning questions is always the same: How do we make our schedules profitable?

Optimising work schedules and making them profitable, not wasteful

The introduction of our inspection management software into our customers’ processes (mainly regulators) made scheduling optimisation an achievable object for them. Canalix includes a particular product feature called Jobtimizer that encompasses skill-matching capabilities to ensure that an inspector with the right skillset is being assigned to complete successfully a job that requires his skill profile.

Inspection teams need to finish their assignments to resolve inspection requests successfully and quickly. The more finished inspection jobs by inspectors mean more realised potential. That has a positive impact on the financial sheets of the organisation and also on the customer’s satisfaction.

The goal of every scheduling optimisation software is the same – to fit as many jobs as possible per day while minimising drive time. If we pick up exact figures, the resource scheduling optimisation tool Jobtimizer constitutes in:

Resource optimization and business scheduling software

          • reducing the scheduling time with up to 75%
          • increasing efficiency of operations with 40%
          • fully eliminating errors in the resource allocation process.
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How does resource scheduling optimisation work?

Jobtimizer as a resource scheduling optimisation system can design the most optimal daily schedules for each inspector of field technician. The schedule plans are optimal because Jobtimizer considers various factors like geo-location, the driving distance between subsequent inspection jobs, risk level, complexity, required skill set and available equipment. One of the most impactful RSO benefits is minimising the driving distance between inspection jobs.

Manually designing efficient schedules will take hours or even days. When there are last-minute changes in the schedule, it becomes almost impossible to craft a new effective program on time. But with automated resource optimisation tools like Jobtimizer all this is being done fast and easy.

The benefits of resource scheduling optimisation software

The problem with crafting efficient schedules for inspection management is standard. That’s why it’s easy for us to predict the best possible solution for the regulators that turn to us for help. Speaking in benefits, the most common problems that we help our clients fix are:

  • Inspectors spend more time performing inspection jobs than driving between jobs compared to the period before automating their resource scheduling.
  • Schedulers get excellent assistance in scheduling operations and can do more with their time.
  • More completed inspection jobs mean more profits, which benefits everyone.
  • Resource optimisation doesn’t optimise only the routes of inspectors but also the course of technical equipment needed for a specific job.

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Last but not least, our resource optimisation solution is designed to fit the needs of any inspection job that requires technicians on-site, not just inspectors.

Why should you consider the use of resource scheduling optimisation software seriously?

The RSO software can help an organisation achieve the intersection point between productivity and efficiency. Regulators and enterprises can spare hundreds of hours of manual scheduling work and automate it all using a single RSO solution. See for yourself how it works in the video below and schedule a meeting with us to show you even more:R

How Canalix transforms the world of regulatory inspections?

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