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Cases in government agencies involve complex processes related to big amounts of data. Imagine what kind of paperwork involves the handling of cases in the public sector (regulators, social care services, financial authorities, etc.). Their structure is dynamic and the entire end-to-end process of case management is not easy to predict. This complexity is a prerequisite for mistakes. Especially when the case management solution is ineffective.

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The loops in the case management system could cause unplanned costs, communication errors and mistakes that reduce efficiency. The affected of this inefficiency are hundreds of government employees, but mostly – the citizens who are the customers of the government agencies. That’s why we decided to write a series of articles about the most common mistakes when it comes to making decisions about case management solutions in the government sector. The best way to avoid facing the consequences of such mistakes  is to be vigilant in your research process.

Building a case management software from scratch or using a ready-made SaaS?

The building of CMS from the ground up is very expensive and time consuming endeavour. When there’s well populated market with case management solutions for governments, the building of customized software from scratch is not the smartest idea. Moreover, the use of ready-made solution doesn’t mean that the software is not customized for specific field.

Canalix is a good example for custom case management solution that is built to answer the specific needs of the inspection industry. This industry focus makes the product more reliable because of the years of experience and research that shaped its development. Something that surely lacks to a greater extent in the commissioned development of case management solutions that doesn’t have the long term industry expertise.

The efficiency of using custom case management solutions depends not only on the tailored nature of the product, but also on the invested time and expertise in its development. That’s why it will be smarter to consider ready-made solutions, rather than to build one from the ground. This approach can bring to the table CMS platform that is both – industry specific and reliable.

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Clearly, the development of tailor-made case management software from scratch is not always the smartest idea. Before making this decision, the digital transformation expert must at least research what the market has to offer. Learn what makes Canalix an optimal solution for case management.

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