It’s a global trend that both customers and organisation are preferring the self-service as a way to interact. The presence of covid-19 in our lives with rules for social distance is expected to make this trend even more growing. Different industries are in different stages of adopting digital transformation. For organisations that are at their very beginning of digital transformation, self-service is a good starting point. Here’s why.

We’ve already discussed how inspection software platforms provide the public organisations with more optimal ways for inspecting. Self-service portals play crucial part in this process. In the current times of social distancing rules, this functionality is more relevant than ever.

Organisations that offer self-service are more compatible with social distance rules

A good example can be given with social institutions. They have strict state regulation. Nevertheless they must keep strict social distancing rules as well. The both set of rules must be kept, but in the traditional sense they may contradict each other. This is where self-service portal can make the mutual existence of those rules possible. Long story short: the self-service portals are letting service providers to register and do their risk profiling digitally. Thanks to this digital solution the inspection industry can work efficiently even in times of social distancing.

Another reason for public organisations to adopt self-service for their customers is that it is one of the best first steps for starting digital transformation. Self-service portals usually provide costumers with the opportunity to do a relatively simple process by themselves. The simplicity of this process allows its automation to happen more stress-free for inspecting organisations and their customers. This is why it’s a very good first step in business optimisation before going into more complex level of digital transformation.

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