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The COVID-19 health crisis induced tones of conversations about digital transformation. This naturally led to many researches that are trying to define the level of preparedness of both public and private sector to work from home. In one of their researches on the topic, Gartner are sharing that:

  • By the time Generation Z fully enters the workforce in 2030, the remote work will increase by 30%.
  • In 71% of organizations today remote work is an existing policy.

These findings are clearly indicating that remote work is here to stay. However, Gartner’s research also states that:

54% of HR leaders indicate that poor technology and/or infrastructure for remote working is the biggest barrier to effective remote working.

Looking long-term there’s a clear sign that the business is unprepared to enter the future. At least that was the big picture before the global outbreak of COVID-19.

The few months we’ve spend into the “new normal”, have already send a signal to the public and private sector that the business must adapt to the remote work model.

We’re being forced into the world’s largest work-from-home experiment and, so far, it hasn’t been easy for a lot of organizations to implement.

says Saikat Chatterjee, Senior Director at Gartner.

What are the challenges for adopting remote work model?

Right now there are many questions for the future of business and almost all of them revolve around the work from home perspective. Every organizations has unique needs and ways to implement a model for remote work. The bottom line that connects them all is the technology. A solution brought by modern technology is what’s going to help every kind of business out there to meet the future.

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Since Canalix is an inspection management software, our expertise in an relatively overlooked field in terms of digital transformation gives us deep insight into the most typical challenges that enterprises with outdated systems face when trying to implement a remote work model. The list of these challenges starts with:

Security in accessing data

The regulatory enforcement industry is a good example for industry where workers are going through security protocols while doing their job. If regulators restructure their work process to remote work, they must have working solution for granting secure access to sensitive data. This solution will allow every link in the inspection-driven enforcement chain to function remotely. This is an existing issue for a variety of enterprises: financial authorities, banking, insurance, governments and local governments, health & medical compliance subjects, etc.

Now imagine if the future of remote work comes sooner than 2030 and all of these essential industries are still using outdated software systems. In this scenario security will be just the first of a series of problems. Then will come the productivity challenge. If the outdated technology had worked good in the office setting with the organization, it’s no longer going to be the same in home setting. The security is just the first and most visible problem that will bring others issues later.

SaaS inspection platforms are solution to the remote work problem in regulators

These challenges can be most fully addressed right now by SaaS solution. We already talked in our blog why SaaS software is a better deal than tailor-made software for inspections. Granting secure access to data to everyone within an organization is a promise that can be realized by cloud-based SaaS solutions. In the context of inspection management it means that inspectors, administrators and all kind of personnel can have an access from anywhere to the digital infrastructure that allows them to do their job.

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Security and productivity are the general reasons why enterprises should update their inspection systems now. The ones that already did, are working as efficient as before the covid-19 global outbreak. By looking at the SaaS market landscape, you’ll see that there are different solutions for case & document management, CRM, BPM, etc. But if you’re looking for solution with focus on inspection management, you will have to narrow your search. Read our article about the benefits of using an industry-specific solution. 

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Are you looking for cloud-based SaaS solution for regulatory compliance? Do you need a software that will transform the inspection management process of your organization? Canalix can show you how it works. Contact us for live demo now.

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