In 2021 the use of paper-based processes is perceived as something old-fashioned. However, in conservative structures like government agencies, paper-based processes are still a thing. Countries with well-developed digital government strategies are good examples in terms of leaving the paper behind. Their experience is proof the digitalisation makes things work better than before – reduces the cost of processes, improves efficiency and shifts the focus towards transparency.

The regulatory sector is a good example when we talk about the transition from paper to digital-based processes because it involves different actors – behind the desk and on the field that work with big volumes of paper. By transitioning to inspection management software, a big difference can be seen in the operational costs before and after the transformation.

Reducing the operational costs of inspections is just a small part of the benefits brought by paperless inspection solutions. Here are more of them:

1. Cost of storage

The use of cloud-based inspection software is usually cheaper because storing and accessing files digitally is the opposite of the complex logistics of paper-based inspection systems. So going paperless is a key to new opportunities. Doing with the aid of a reliable inspection management platform is a guarantee for achieving a new level of efficiency.

2. Access inspection data & files anywhere, anytime

The cloud-based inspection software means that every bit of information about inspection procedures is at a click away. That’s something that can’t be said about the old-fashioned paper-based system. Digitalisation in the work of regulators is a big chance that once being embraced, makes the use of paper an unimaginable reality.

3. Team leaders can be sure they are on track with inspection software

One of the greatest things about cloud-based inspection platforms is that they work as inspection tracking software. Team leaders can use real-time data, visible at one place, to make sure that the inspections are being performed as per the predefined goals (inspections per day, hours of inspection conducting, etc.) Having visibility on the important metrics is the most effective way for goal-oriented inspection planning.

Of course, this benefit is achievable with paper as well. But it takes much more time and effort. Doing it digitally happens fast and with minimised chances of errors.

4. Customisation of inspection checklists based on complexity or other risk factors

When sites with a high-risk score and specific requirements have to be inspected, it’s good if we have an inspector with attention to detail. It requires effort and more time to check the small details surrounding complex inspections, therefore it’s more likely to generate errors in this type of inspection. One way to solve these problems is by using paperless inspection software for real-time check of whether the inspection checklist is filled as per the standards required for the type of inspected entity. Try solving this with paper – it will be much harder.

5. Public transparency

Completing inspections digitally allows inspectors to automatically generate reviews, publish them to the cloud and deliver it to the inspected entity. The use of inspection software allows everyone to transparently access the inspection outcome and undertake the required action if needed. Transparency not only facilitates the line of work of inspection for everyone involved in the process but also enables interested parties to take required actions as soon as possible and therefore improving their compliance for future checks.

What kind of paperless inspection software can solve these problems?

Canalix transforms old-legacy paper-based inspection programs into paperless inspection solutions. It allows regulators to start only with a separate module – like our resource optimisation module and then transition to the full inspection management solution if needed. With Canalix inspectors can perform inspections via tablet, laptop, desktop devices, etc. Its user-oriented nature allows us to configure it according to the specific requirements of the regulators for the sake of maximum efficiency. Get in touch if you’d like us to tell you how we do it in a 15-min free product tour.