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Artificial intelligence has been used in many industries for business optimization purposes, including the field of inspection management. The need to improve productivity and efficiency is very visible in this field. This is a conservative area where changes happen slow. However, the new reality of the post pandemic world is about to change that and make some changes happen faster than before.

On June 23rd took place the Virtual AI Summit of Microsoft where the main topic was “How AI can empower your organization?”. During the event Mitra Azizirad (Corporate VP of AI and Innovation Marketing in Microsft) talked about imagining a future where AI-driven automation is an everyday part of our business lives. This main topic and the fact that the event was entirely digital strengthen the message of the virtual event: that now is the time to get in line with the future that is being reshaped in front of our eyes.

How to build an AI-powered organization

We already talked about the growth in the use of cloud-based SaaS services as a result of the pandemic. Of course, it is a very general conclusion and if we look at different technologies, we will see more layered and complex transformation happening under the brand of Cloud-based solutions. The question that we will focus on in this article is how AI as a technology can help to improve efficiency in inspections?

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How can AI transform the inspections in your company?

During the event Azizirad mentioned that AI is transforming organizations in three major directions: operations, productivity and customer service. If we look at this notion through the prism of our inspection management tool Canalix, we can easily say that AI is transforming regulators and enterprises in the same directions:

  • Operations -> reducing the risk of mistakes in inspections
  • Productivity -> increasing the speed of communications and processes in inspections
  • Customer service -> providing government agencies and enterprises with self-service portals, which are great for gathering data and keeping social distance rules at the same time.

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Another point that Azizirad touched is the actual benefits that some businesses have measured after transforming their manual processes via data automation. Her figures showed that up to 25% increase in employee productivity is being brought with data-automation. This is a metric that’s hard to be measured, but when we talk about covering entire end-to-end process like inspection management, a projection that can be made in the very initial phase of testing the product.

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“The ability to integrate AI into the fabric of your business is what is going to accelerate the value you get from the technology – and where we see the leaders differentiate from those that are struggling”, Azizirad.

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