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In 2022 regulators have plenty of opportunities to improve and grow by transforming their operations with digitalised inspection platform. One of the digital transformation strategies on the radar of the public sector is the use of SaaS. The benefits of digitalisation are promising, and it’s no surprise that Gartner forecasts worldwide government IT spending to total $565.7 billion in 2022. This is a 5% increase from 2021. That makes us have a closer look at the prospects of inspection software platforms delivered as a SaaS model.

Digital transformation, especially for regulators with on-site inspection management processes, can improve efficiency and help regulators meet times of uncertainty.

When we speak to our future clients about the opportunities to transform their operations with inspection software, we ensure they remember that digital transformation should be perceived as a process. Often that requires a modular approach to achieve sustainable digital transformation impact. The digitalisation of inspections changes not only the work of inspectors but also the work of other actors in the regulatory inspection processes. A digitalised inspection platform can create many opportunities for cost-optimisation and productivity improvements if implemented right.

That sounds great, and it’s the dream goal of many regulators, but it is also a challenge. We help regulators achieve this goal with a good modular strategy and new technologies like AI-enhanced job scheduling, IoT technologies, machine learning, remote inspection technologies, and automated risk assessment.

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A regulator about to start a digital transformation journey may look like somebody standing in front of a wall with technologies and strategies. Canalix helps regulators bundle the right technologies and priorities into a digital inspection platform where they all tie together. The method may be designed to allow the integration of different modules one by one. That is made possible by the cloud-based inspection software model, a.k.a SaaS (software-as-a-service).

Because inspections in different regulatory areas are complex, lack of integration opportunities is a common issue in inspection software service providers. A digitalised inspection platform designed for regulators is what can deliver the right integration opportunity that would eliminate this issue and provide good data analytics opportunities for swift decision-making.

Case study: Reduce operational costs with inspection scheduling software

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A snapshot from the practice:

Many inspection team leaders are oriented toward transforming their inspection management system into paperless. That makes them ask for a solution that would enable them to digitise their inspection forms and automate inspection report generation in a format that would be easy to understand and act on. These types of solutions are usually considered quick fixes. After some discussions with inspection team leaders, they realise that the quick fix can lead to new efficiency opportunities. That is where our SaaS inspection software shows them the competitive advantage they could achieve by transforming their inspection management system by using SaaS as an inspection platform.

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