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It’s no secret that there’s a whole genre of jokes about government agencies. The reason is mainly the predominant stereotype that describes government services as slow and clumsy. But if we look up to the top smart cities in the world, we’ll find examples of local governments that are successfully breaking up with this stereotype.

It is always inspiring to look up to great examples. But is it serious comparing London’s multi-million digital transformation budget to the budget of a local government agency somewhere in England? Of course not. However, essential digital transformation solutions can make a big difference for local governments. The modernisation of government case management systems is such.

How Regulatory Case Management Systems Transform Government Agencies? 

  • Less manual work, more automation

Public agencies oversee many parts of the regulatory enforcement process. Sometimes these parts interact with each other. Or there are new compliance rules that change the process. This work adds up every day. That’s why procedures in the public sector are often slow when done manually. 

Digital transformation is changing this by integrating governments with valuable case management platforms. Such platforms improve efficiency via data-driven automation that allows faster workflow. And it’s no secret that when we talk about saving time, we talk about saving costs. So this is the most fundamental transformation value that a regulatory case management software can bring by automating manual processes.

  • Eliminating expensive mistakes

Data automation is the technology through which case management systems ensure fast workflow. But how do they ensure intelligent workflow? The answer is artificial intelligence. A smart case management system will remove the risk of expensive errors.

We will give an example of the way Canalix is applying AI optimisation in the inspection process:

Imagine that different cases are categorised by their specifics and located in various places. The solving of each case requires an inspector with a specific skill set. The manual process of matching inspectors with cases have a considerable risk of error. Such risk may lead to sending wrongfully skilled inspectors on site. But with intelligent case management software like Canalix, each case can be matched with an inspector based on skill set, distance, availability, etc.

Our innovative solution makes the resource allocation visible in the inspectors’ scheduling calendars in real-time.

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Providing security

Keeping the data in excel files on our government agency’s server will make it easier for hackers to steal the data. But a sound case management system can provide additional security. If you want to take care of your government agency’s case management security, make sure that you look for cloud-based platforms that are specifically built to answer the public sector’s needs.

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Government agencies are organisations that still have baby steps to make into digital transformation. Modernising their case management software is suitable for making more significant steps into this field. Do you want to lead your organisation into its first step in digital transformation? Contacts us for a free demo.

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