The process of searching for good inspection software might be very confusing experience. Users often doesn’t know where to start from, what keywords to use, what requirements they should have, etc. That’s why we prepared a list of question you should answer yourself in order to make the best possible judgement about inspection software.

1. What are the inspection problems of your organization?

One always start his search for inspection software solution driven by an existing problem. However, the priority of inspection optimization functionalities depends on existing issues. The easiest way to set the right priority is to make a list of every problem in the inspection management program that your organization currently faces. For example these might be: difficulties with complying with the covid-19 social distance rules, difficulties to reduce the error rate of inspections, etc.

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Once you have written down all of the problems, start thinking about what kind of solutions can possibly solve them. For example: in order to reduce the error rate, the inspection system must be able to allocate inspection cases to the right inspectors in improved way. Or in order to comply with the covid-19 social distance rules, the system needs to be integrated with a self-service portal. Those are just examples of problems with potential solutions. Write them down at the initial phase of your research for inspection management solutions. At a later point they will help you identify the right software.

2. Outline the key points from the inspection management process

As someone who is responsible for finding potential solutions to inspection related problems, you have to ask questions to some of the major links in the inspection management process. You can start by asking the inspectors questions about their daily routine. What are the most common issue they face? Do they have any ideas about fixing the existing problems?

When choosing inspection software, you need to have the full picture. Inspectors are part of this picture. Here’s list of questions that can help you make valuable conclusions about what needs to be optimized:

– What kind of data is managed during the inspection process?
– How this data is being collected and processed?
– Do other parties need to have access to this data?
– How do the inspectors keep up with the new regulations?
– What’s taking longer than needed in the regulatory compliance process?

These are just examples of questions. Their answers will give you good insight about the current technology state of the inspection process. Perhaps by analyzing the data you have, you will be able to jump to different conclusion. For example you might find out that the inspection system needs reducing of the manual paper work and increasing the data automation. Or you might conclude that the system works fast enough, but there is high error rate and the system needs to start working smarter with the help of AI.

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3. Define the solution that can address your organization’s needs

Every business optimization solution is following the mission to turn a business process (like inspection management) into more optimized version of itself. You already have a list of problems that need solving. You are aware of the workflow of inspectors and the challenges they face. In other words now you’re ready to connect the dots between your list of problems and the inspectors’ list of needed solutions.

But what kind of inspection software?

If your organization needs optimization in automating the complex work with cases, you should look for inspection case management platform. If you need entire end-to-end inspection software solution that covers case management, inspection planning, scheduling & execution, data gathering via self-service portals and generating of inspection reports, then you will have a really long list of requirements. It means that you should be prepared with more time for researching in order to find the best inspection software.

How long is the list of requirements for good software inspection solution?

Inspections are complex. If small business needs just one solution for business optimization (whether it’s CRM, BPM, Project Management software or just Calendar), inspections needs all of these optimizations at once. That’s why when searching for good inspection management program, it’s crucial to look for platform that can offer that kind of integrity. If you need to know more about this complex matter, contact us. Our team will be glad to consult you and help you in your quest to find the best inspection software.

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