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How investing in cloud services creates savings for government agencies?

Everyone have heard government leaders talking about cutting costs. This is a budgetary policy that is happening in every EU country. Now in times of global health, social and economic crisis, these conversations are taking place more often than ever. Making cuts in the budgets seems like a shortcut to getting numbers in order. But […]


3 Digital Transformation Questions Before Updating The Inspection Management System

While businesses are moving on in the post-pandemic reality, digital transformation experts in public organisations are also looking for ways to transform their organizations. The main goal is to provide the better functioning of organisation in the post-pandemic new normal. By now digital transformation decision makers should have re-evaluated the operations of their public organization. […]


Ready-made vs Custom Software – Which One is Better for Inspection Management?

Ready-made or custom software? This is a very complex question. Its answer isn’t and shouldn’t be over simplified with a yes-or-no answer. Since this is one frequently asked question from our clients, we decided to explore in depth the values of these particular types of software solutions and where inspection management stands between these two […]