GoPro has renewed achieved Cyber Essentials certification

As part of our commitment to delivering a the most innovative data and rules driven case automation SaaS service, comes a diligent focus on data security.  

 The Cyber Essentials Scheme has been developed by UK government and industry in order to provide a sound foundation of cyber hygiene measures, in order to significantly reduce an organisation’s vulnerability and mitigate the risks from internet-based threats. We are happy to announce that we since making our SaaS offerings available on G-Cloud IV have been continuously certified against the Cyber Essential Scheme 

This scheme covers the core requirements for firewalls and Internet gateways, security configuration, user access controls, malware and patch management. Systems that fall within the scope of the Cyber Essentials Scheme include devices such as PCs, laptops and mobile devices, as well as email, Web and application services and Internet-based services. 

By successfully certifying against the Cyber Essentials Scheme, we can demonstrate for our case management SaaS offerings implement measures to lower the risk of serious data and financial loss, as well as demonstrate to our customers we have taken steps to be fundamentally cyber safe. Our commitment to safeguarding data is further accentuated by our BSI ISO 27001 certification.