Our configurable full stack cloud solution for help our customer delivery significant efficiency improvements. Our solutions are built on our uma enterprise case management automation platform that brings data and rules driven automation, and AI optimisation together in a ready to consume and easily configurable solution.

Regulatory enforcement and inspections

Inspections play a crucial role for many public sector organisations to ensure safety, compliance and effective operation. Effective enforcement and required regulatory outcomes cannot be delivered without an efficiently executed inspection regime. Operating such a is challenging and costly as inspections commonly requires highly and diversely qualified inspectors, is labour intensive and require onsite visits, which result in inspectors spending time and cost on travel instead of inspections.

Canalix Regulatory Enforcement and Inspection Optimisation is a SaaS product for regulatory enforcement and inspections. It supports entire end-to-end process of registration of service providers or entities underlying a regulation, planning, scheduling and performing of inspections, ongoing enforcement and management of complaints.

Canalix Regulatory Enforcement and Inspection Optimisation is employing advanced data and rules driven process automation as well as AI supported resource optimisation. The result for the average regulator includes up to 60% reduction in process time, planning cycle time reduced from days to seconds and 40% better resource utilisation.

Grant management

Canalix Grant Management is a state-of-the-art cloud solution that allows organisations to effectively manage grants applications and grant disbursement throughout the entire grant life cycle.

Canalix Grant Management manages the process from grant availability announcement and releasing the grant for online application, throughout assessment and award, to the activation and post award monitoring.

The solution includes a grant application portal that acts as a one-stop-shop for providing potential applicants with an interactive grant application experience as well as the platform for all post award reporting. Applicants can apply for grants, include requested documentation, and monitor the status of their grant application as it gets processed, wherever they have access to an internet connection.

The Grant Case Management platform provides organisations with a user-friendly solution for assessing and processing grant applications as well as managing post award monitoring and reporting compliance. Through the use of advanced rules and data driven process automation either whole or part of the award assessment, communication with the applicant, and creation of payment plans can be automated. This is also the case for the post award activities, where reporting requirements are automatically managed, and relevant report questionnaires share with the applicant to complete at the right time.

The solution is built on the uma business optimisation platform, which means that new grant schemes, processes, rules and grant applications are easy to set up and maintain by the customer.

Public disbursement

Public organisations are responsible for the disbursement of funds to the public, through a multitude of schemes, be it as national pension and working age benefits, purpose specific grants or public loans such as student loans.

These funds are conditional on certain requirements are being met by the claimant, the entitlement size is determined by claimant specific conditions, such as eligibility, size of past contributions. Some funding schemes have to be repaid i.e. re-collected by the organisation at a later time.

The nature of the processes administered by the public payment market are characterized by:

  • It’s critical to the receiver (claimant) and hence time sensitive and allow no tolerance for error
  • The accurate and purpose relevant disbursement and repayment is critical
  • Is highly legislative and regulatory driven
  • Involves calculations of entitlement and payment modularity based on well defined rules
  • Requires data and documentation of entitlement
  • Can require moderate to high frequency involvement of the claimant throughout the disbursement process and well as post provision of funds.
  • Can be involved subjective assessments that needs to be detailed documented
  • Must comply with public sector regulations on transparency and auditability incl. article 22 of EU GDPR

The configurable full stack saas Canalix solution supports the end-2-end process of citizen, organisations or other agencies making a funding claim and the public payment organisation establishing if there is an entitlement, the size of such and as of when, if conditions apply till the consequential payment transaction or rejections.

The Canalix solution employs advanced data processing automation, rules and data driven process automation and where application AI driven resource optimisation, allowing this process to be fully automated, End-2-end.


Our Canalix solution portfolio is all based on our uma configurable business optimisation platform. It is a ‘built for cloud’ enterprise class solution framework focussed on delivering process efficiency. This is achieved through the innovative use data and rules case process automation, through providing a hugely effective UX that ensures that where users engage in case processes this is done in the most efficient manner. The uma platform invokes AI algorithms to ensure where resources are allocated that these are used optimally.